City Plan

Existing Situation Analysis
Statutory Town(Y/N): Total No. of Wards: Area of the City (Sq. Km):
No. of HouseHolds 2011 Census: No. of Slums: Total Solid Waste Generated (in MT):
Total Waste Transported (in MT): Total Waste Treated (in MT): Total Waste Collected (in MT):
Year i) Total Population: II) Slum Population: III) Floating Population (assume 5% of Total Population):
i) As per 2011 Census: II) Projected up to 2019: III) Justification for the Projection:
No. of Urban HHs resorting to Open Defecation:
No. of Urban HHs having Pit latrines:
No. of Urban HHs having Insanitary Latrines:
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