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 PLDC or Professional Lighting Design Convention is the leading global conference dedicated to Architectural Lighting Design with the sole purpose of promoting the culture of professional lighting design.This biannual Convention was created for the global lighting design market. Designers, lighting architects, researchers, universities, industry and clients use PLDC as a platform to meet, learn about the latest developments in lighting design, and discuss the future of the lighting profession. PLDC stands for high quality knowledge transfer and international networking opportunities.PLDC is supported by major market players, associations, universities and industry. To date events have been held in London, Berlin, and Madrid. The last PLDC 2013 conference was held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Corporation of the City of Panaji is proud to be a Partner City for PLDC 2015. The Corporation works day and night to keep its city in shape. We are proud of our gardens and roads, our historic architecture and our people, our water bodies, our culture and our facilities. Being the only city in India with a seven kilometre long promenade and the first city in India to be built on a planned grid system, it is the only city to be explicitly user friendly.

In light of Panaji city’s vision to develop as a clean, environment friendly and ecologically sustainable city by adoption of eco-friendly alternatives and techniques, we are proud to be associated withPLDC 2015 as a partner city.

The Corporation of the City of Panaji believes in a participatory development model and constantly endeavours to apply the latest technologies to achieve its vision for the city.

Panaji has recently undertaken initiatives to convert conventional street lighting to LED street lighting with smart technologies with energy consumption savings to the tune of 50% and added benefits of improved illumination levels and aesthetic appearance of the city. The corporation of the City of Panaji has also prepared a ‘Solar City Master Plan’ under the guidance of theMinistry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) of the Government of India with the aim of reducing conventional energy demand by at least 10% over the next 5 years.

This year, the PLDC 2015 conference will be held in Rome from October 28 – 31, 2015. The conference shall focus upon:

Ø     Lighting application research

Ø     Lighting application case studies

Ø  r     Professional practice issues

Ø            Sustainable lighting & design.

As a proud partner city, the city of Panaji looks forward to new technologies and the scope they offer as well as the latest research findings.


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