Municipalities became constitutional bodies after the 74th amendments in the constitution of India. These institutes are dealing with day to day work of citizens. From the birth till death a citizen requires assistance of this institution.

The Following information will enlighten the citizen as to how one has to approach the office of the Municipality in order to get the work done.

The Corporation deals with the following important official procedures pertaining to the public. How to deal with each work is given in detail in a separate section.

A - Construction Licence
B - Occupancy Certificate
C - NOC for Water/Electric connection/Sewerage connection
D - House/Property Tax transfer
E - Income Certificate
F - Trade Licence
G - Advertisement Permission
H - Taxes
       a - House Tax
I - Certificate of Birth/Death
J - Information under right of information
K - Permission to use Municipal premises/Garden/Public places/Hearse van
L - Public Grievances
M - Approach to Superiors



1. I want permission for construction of a new building. What are the formalities, I am required to do?

Ans: You are required to make an application addressed to the Chief Officer of the council describing details of the property along with the following documents:-

  • Ownership documents of the property i.e. sale deed or gift deed or partnership deed along with form B in which your name is recorded as an occupant.
  • Conversion Sanad of the area issued by the Dy. Collector of the Sub-Division.
  • Plan of the building in triplicate along with site plan.
  • Schedule II showing details of area & its utilization. (Annexure I)
  • Questionnaire (Annexure II)
  • Plan approved by the V.P.D.A.

2. After making the above application how much time is required to obtain permission?

Ans: After receiving the above application, the file will be scrutinized by th requirement, you will be issue a letter for site inspection within 7 days. After the site inspection, the licence fees will be worked out and same will be informed to you by demand letter. On payment of the fees licence and one set of approved plans will be issued within 5 days from the date of payment. In case your proposed building is under the following category N.O.C from the Director of Fire Service is also required.

  • Building over 15.4 meters in height;
  • Factories and establishment,where electric motors capacity exceeds 5 H.P. and above;
  • Shipyards and work-shops;
  • Tank farm of petroleum products/POL dispensing outlets;
  • Flammable gas godown/LPG gas godowns;
  • Godowns and Warehouse;
  • Public places like exhibition halls, entertainment places, dancing halls, theatres, assembly halls,sea port, airport railway station, bus station, stadium, etc;
  • Educational and institutional places;
  • Hotels, restaurants and bakeries;
  • Storage places of flammable and hazardous goods;

Once you deposit the fees within 3 (three) days you will get construction licence.
3. Whether there is any time limit prescribed?

Ans: Maximum 60 days time limit has been fixed if all the documents are in order.
4. How much time this permission is valid?

Ans: Initially this permission is valid for one year, however the same can be renewed further on justification of delay for a similar period on payment of prescribed fees.
5. What do I have to do for renewal of my construction licence?

Ans: You are required to file a simple application explaining the facts and circumstances in which you could not complete the proposed building along with original construction licence before expiry of prescribed limit.
6.How much time will it take to get renewal of the licence?

Ans: After filing the application you will get a reply of your renewal within 3 (three) days.
7. Whether there are any renewal charges?

Ans: Yes, you are required to pay the fees as prescribed for renewal by the Corporation from time to time. Normally for renewal within the validity period of original licence 25% of the original licence fee and 50% of the licence in case of the expiry validity of original licence.
All the formalities as mentioned in para (1) above except that you are not required to produce conversion sanad and ownership documents, instead you are required to produce house tax receipt.
8. I want to do minor repair to my house-Like-Plastering, flooring etc. whether I am required to take permission?

Ans: You are required to take permission to do minor repair to your house.
9. What are the formalities I am required to follow?

Ans: You are required to file a simple application along with paid house tax receipt and describing the details of repair along with the photographs of the existing building. From available with the Tech Section of the Corporation.
10. How much time is required to get the above permission?

Ans: After receiving your application the Municipal Engineer will inspect the premises within three days and if he is satisfied that the minor repair as mentioned is required to be done permission will be given within 7 days.
11. If my son/daughter wants to obtain a loan for the repair work whether the permission can be issued in his/her name?

Ans: Yes, the same can be given provided he shall attach the N.O.C by way of affidavit from the owner of the house authorizing him for the said repairs and he does not have any objections. The son/daughter shall also give undertaking to the Council that on the basis of the said permission he/she will not claim ownership rights on the said property.
12. Incase I could not get construction licence in the prescribed time, whether I can assume that the licence is deemed to be granted?

Ans: Yes, It will he presumed that permission is deemed to be granted subject to all the relevant documents and plans being in order.

B - Occupancy Certificate

13. After construction of my house I want to obtain occupancy certificate what I have to do?

Ans: You have to apply to the Chief Officer of the Council in a simple application, along with a N.O.C. from the Health Officer,and completion certificate of P.P.D.A.

14. How much time is required to obtain the occupancy certificate?

Ans: On receiving your application the Municipal Engineer will inspect the premises and if the premises is complete in all respects as per the approved building plan, the Commissioner after receiving the report of City Engineer will direct you to deposit following fees. After depositing the fees you will get the occupancy certificate within 7 days provided prescribed house tax details forms are duly filled and returned to concerned clerk who will detailed check the area released for occupation nd allotted to purchases or retained with the developer and also site inspection shall be carried out for allotting the house numbers for the units.

* Occupancy fees
* House tax
* Infrastructure tax

    (In case the area of Building is more than 100 sq .mt.)

15. Whether there is a time prescribed to issue occupancy certificate?

Ans: Yes - 30 days

16. In case I have made some changes in the plans during the construction whether I can get occupancy certificate?

Ans: In case of change of plan of building, you are required to submit revised plan. In case the revised plan is found fit technically you will get occupancy certificate.

17. If I could not get occupancy certificate within the prescribed time whether the occupancy is deemed to be granted?

Ans: Yes. But you have to deposit all the necessary charges/fees.


1. What are the basis of calculation?

Ans: The house tax is calculated in the following manner.

The City of Panjim which is also Capital of Goa is a 'A' Grade Municipal Council, comparatively small to the Corporation highlighted in the guide lines. The Relaxation specially Property Tax is new to the Council and it has for time in the year 1976.

Corporation of the City of Panaji follows simple criteria to derive the rateable value of the buildings as no tax is levied on land. The method which the, building or individual units are assessed based on value, the rate of which is derived as worked out for State of Goa by local P.W.D. Once the value of unit/bldg is worked, the rateable value is derived based on permissible percentage (7.5%) under Building Lease & Eviction Central Act in force in State of Goa, then statutory deduction @ 10 % is provided and Property Tax is levied @ 8% of the rateable value which is uniform for all similar constructions.

Area of the building say 100 sq.mts
cost of Construction as notified by

local PWD at present rate is Rs. 4,200/- per sq. mts. 100.00
of built up area for non-commercial consts.                       4,200.00
Assessed value                                                              42,000.00
Fair rateable value @ 7.5 %                                            31,500.00
Less 10% statutory deduction                                           3,150.00
Tax @ 8%                                                                      2,268.00

This property tax of Rs. 2,268a/- will be for normal residential unit of 00.00sqmts. If the building unit is used for commercial purpose the tax multiplied as per location and for this purpose the city is divided into zones more or less on the line of Patna Municipal corporation, but the factor followed for zoning is as decided by Panjim Planning and Development Authority (PPDA).

PPDA has divided the city into various zones as per their importance in over all development and these factor are considered for purpose of assessment of tax in their localities. PPDA has classified the city in following zones.

I Settlement Zones

FAR 100% SI
  80% S2
  60% S3
  505 s4
II Commercial
FAR 250 C-1-A
  200 C-1
  100 C-2 &

II Industrial
IV Institutional
V Recreational
VI Agriculture & Natural Resources

By taking into consideration the zoning classification the property tax is multiplied in relation to tax of residential units as follows:

Zone I Residential   Settlement
FAR 100SI   3 times of normal value
  80 S2   2 times of normal value
  60 S3   2 times of normal value
  50 S4   1 times of normal value
Zone II       Commercial
FAR 250 C-1-A 6 times of normal value
  200 C-1 5 times of normal value
  100 C-2 3 times of normal value
Zone III Industrial Not applicable at Present
Zone IV Institutional Not Applicable at Present
Zone V Parks & Playground Recreation Exempted
Zone VI Agriculture & Natural Resources Not applicable at present

Rate per sq.mts of R.C.C construction 4200/-
Area 100 m2
Value derived 4,20000/-
FAR as permitted under Rent Control Act- 7.5%
Multiple - 5 times if the unit located in Zone C-1 5/-
Less 10% statutory deduction as allowed  
under Property tax rules 15750/-
Property tax @ 8% 340/-

When the units are actually rented to tenants the tax collected are 8% of the rent received.

The properties belonging to Government and Freedom fighters, Religious Institutions are exempted form the tax.

Open land are yet to be taxed by the council, the point raised under Guidelines appears quite relevant and effective, specially if low rate say 50% of capital value is adopted.

The method here above described and adopted by corporation of the City of Panaji are uniformally applied in all similar cases and practically it is not disputed.

There are no cases pending in the court for abnormal taxation and collection is about 70%.


18. I want the N.O.C for Water/Electric/Sewerage connection what do I have to do?

Ans: You are required to apply in the prescribed form (See Annexure III) along with a copy of house tax receipt. The Commissioner after verifying the record will issue the N.O.C. within 2 days.


19. I acquired a right in some property and want to include name in the house tax register what do I have to do?

Ans: You are required to make an application along with the copy of documents by which rights are acquired.The Chief Officer after issuing notice to the interested party and having examined all the documents will dispose off the application.

20. How many days are required to complete the above formalities ?

Ans: Minimum 30 days.


21. I want a certificate of income what have I to do?

Ans: You have to apply in the prescribed application form (see Annexure V) along with an affidavit, copy of ration card and proof of income if any (In the case of salaried employees a salary certificate, and in case of tax payees tax returns ) The Commissioner after conducting the local inquiry will issue the certificate within 7 days.



22. I want to start come trade to obtain licence what have I to do?

Ans: You have to apply in prescribed form (Annexure VI) along with the following documents.

1. N.O.C. of the owner of the property/lease agreement.
   (In case the applicant is other than the owner)

2. Certificate of Health Officer in case trade is connected with food articles.

3. N.O.C from Fire and Emergency Services wherever applicable.

On receiving your application the field staff of the Corporation inspect the premises and submit the report of feasibility of trade. Thereafter your application will be decided by the Commissioner within 15 days.

22 (a). What have I to do to renewal of my trade license?

Ans: You are requested to produce original trade license along with last payment receipt/advertisement receipt /rent receipt in case of Municipal Premises/house tax receipt etc. Thereafter payment will be accepted, receipt issued and license will be returned duly renewed after 4 days.


23. I want to put up my Board/Hoarding for advertisement of my business what have I to do?

Ans: You have to apply in prescribed form (Annexure VI) along with N.O.C. of the owner of the land (incase applicant is other than the owner) The Chief Officer on receiving your application call for the report of the field staff as well as traffic police (income of Hoarding) After receipt of the above report within 7 days application will be disposed off. The corporation, however, will not entertain such requests along Highways and Bus Stands and No hoarding zone declared by Government.

24. What are the rates to be charged for advertisement?

Ans: Rates are charged as per Annexure VIII.

H - House Tax

25. You are required to pay tax at the cash counter of Corporation provided corporation has issued the house tax bills?

Ans: Incase the premises is not assessed for house tax you should apply to the Corporation along with documents such as registration, Sale deed, Occupancy certificate,construction licence etc. The premises will be inspected by the Municipal staff and the same will be assessed for tax within 30 days. In respect of illegal premises the matter will be decided as per instruction issued by Government from time to time.

26. I want to pay tax of my house/establishment/advertisement what have I to do?
Ans: You are required to contact the Taxation Section Clerk who after verifying the tax register will collect the tax from you on the same day.


27. I want to register, the birth of my child what have I to do?
Ans: You have to apply in the prescribed form (see Annexure IX) along with proof of Birth and certificate will be issued after 1 days from the date of birth.
  1. In case application is made within 30 days ,only certificate of Hospital Doctor is sufficient
  2. In case you have applied after a month but within a year you have to obtain a permission from the Add. Dist. Registrar i.e. B.D.O.
  3. In case you have applied after one year you have to obtain an order from the Executive Magistrate and copy of the said order is required to be attached with the prescribed application form.
28. I want to register death of my relatives what have I to do?
Ans: You have to apply in prescribed form (Annexure IX) along with the proof of death form No. 4 and 4A respectively (As regards the time of submission of application, the same condition and at a), b), c) of this previous par will apply).

29. I want to obtain a certificate of death/birth what have I to do?
Ans: You have to furnish details of the concerned i.e. dated of Birth/Death and the name of the person concerned and the certificate will be issued on the same day on payment of Rs. 10/- per certificate.

30. I fail to notify to the registrar within the prescribed time for registration of birth/death. In order to obtain permission from the Add. Dist. Registrar(B.D.O) or Executive Magistrate, I want a certificate that birth/death is not yet registered how can I get such a certificate?
Ans: You have to apply on simple application with details of Birth/Death. The officer after going through the record will issue such non availability certificate within 7 days.

31. What is the fee charged for the registration of Birth/Death & for issue of the certificate?
Ans: The following fees prescribed

  1. For registration of Birth/Death within a month after 21 days for Birth & after 14 days for Death
  2. For registration of Birth/Death after a month but within a year
  3. For registration of Birth/Death after one year
  4. Issue of Non availability Birth & Death certificate
  5. Issue of certificate of Birth/Death
  6. Searching Charges

Rs. 10/-

Rs. 10/-

Rs. 10/- + 10/-
Rs. 10/-
Rs. 10/- each)


1. I want some information under the Right of information Act. What have I to do?
Ans: You have to make an application to the Chief Officer of the Council who is the competent authority under the Act, with the detail of information which you want. The Chief Officer after examining the application will decide whether the information can be given. If he admits your application you have to deposit processing fee Rs. 100/- & Rs. 2/- per page of information.
2. Whether there is any time limit fixed to dispose of my application?
Ans: Yes 30 days

1. I want to occupy municipal land/hall/hearse van which is normally allotted to the public for their private function what have I to do?
Ans: You have to make a simple application for land/hall/hearse van giving the details of period for which you require. If the place/van is not already booked permission will be granted after depositing the necessary fees. Request for the Hearse van be made in the form at Annexure X



36. If the Corporation fails to lift the garbage of a particular residence?
Ans: You have to make a phone call to the SWARM section of the Corporation of the City of Panaji and the matter will be attended to immediately. Phone Nos. 4550, 223339.

- Mobile Nos:
- Sachin Ambe Mun.Eng. Gr.II - 9011000334
- Shri. Nilkant Phadte – Mun. Inspector - 9011000340
- Shri. Sunil Das - LDC 9011026202
- Miss. Anita Talwar - Supervisor - 9011000316


37. A dead animal dog/cow is lying on the road no one has come to remove the same, what I have to do?
Ans:Complain/Orally or make a phone call to the Corporation Officer and , same will be removed immediately.


38. A building adjoining to the road of my house is in dilapidated condition, which is likely to fall any time causing loss of life, the owner of building is not taking any care. What can I do i such situations?
Ans: You can make an application to the Commissioner who after examining the building/site with the technical staff will issue the necessary orders.



1) Kum. Priya. R. Bhandari

2) Kum. Ana Karina De Loyola Futardo

3) Shri. Abhijeet. B. Kerkar

4) Shri. Raghuvir. k. Salkar

5) Shri. Dushyant. Prabhakar. Kamat

6) Shri. Naresh. R. Manekar

7) Mr. Ashley. Joseph. Fernandes

8) Shri. Arvind. Dilip. do. Rego

9) Shri. Alinto. Dionisio. Coelho

10) Miss. Ana. Soraya. Furtado. Cabral

11) Smt. Dhanyata. Sanjay. Harmalkar

12) Shri. Devendra. Vinayak. Velingkar

13) Shri. Colaco. Jackson. Elwin

14) Kum. Elsa. Fernandes

15) Shri. Rebeiro. Arminio. Santana

16) Shri. Falcao. Sebestiao. Savio

17) Shri. Mahambrey. Gomakant. J

18) Ms.   Rajini. Robinson

19) Shri. Kantak. Amitprasad. Ganesh

20) Shri. Sinai. Juwarkar. Neelesh. Umakant

21) Shri. Dayanand. Vaman. Naik

22) Shri. Bagi. Nutan

23) Shri. Rajesh. Kakodkar

24) Shri. Naik. Siddharth. Dayanand

25) Shri. Phadte. Jayesh. Shivkant

26) Shri. Sadhale. Abhijeet. Kamlakar

27) Shri. Rohit. S. Hede

28) Kum. Sarah. Preethi. Jaiprakash

29) Shri. Abdur. Raouf

30) Shri. Yogesh. Pratap. Kerkar

31) Shri. Madan. K. Desai

32) Shri. Pereira. Savio. Cardido. Francisco

33) Shri. Sardesai. Balwant. Alias. Siddhadatta

34) Shri. Gaokar. Prashant. Dnyaneshwar

35) Shri. Sawant. Sandeep. Janardhan

36) Kum. Mendeswendy. Anthony

37) Shri. Shetye. Rupesh. Namdev

38) Fernandes. Sophia. Teresa

39) Shri. Pandurang. Shripad. Manerkar

40) Shri. Nagraj. Rohidas. Adpaicar

41) Eli. Eufemiano. Furtado

42) Leena. Gurudas. Malik

43) Pascoal. Barbosa. Waronla

44) Miss. Maithali. Kartixal. Darkar

45)Shri. Edgar. Afonso

46) Miss. Sandips. N. Gaunekar

47) Antonio. Bosco. Dias

48) Sandesh. Kashinath. Prabhu. Chodnekar

49) Ms. Tanuja. Damodar. Govekar

50) Shri. Jeetendra. Devdas. Devari

51) Shri. Mohandas. H. Kamat. Kundaikar

52) Shri. Leonard .S. Rodregues

53) Shri. Sachin. G. Dukle

54) Shri. Chandrashekhar. M. G

55) Hiralal. Madhav. Kamat

56) Deepak. S. Gad

57) Yogesh. Vasudev. Bhobe

58) Suvrat. Subhashchandra. Bhobe

59) Rajesh. Alias. Gaurish. Jaikrishna. Kenkre

60) Rahul. Ramesh. Lotlikar

61) Shri. Agnelo. D’Cunha

62) Shri. Rajesh. M. Raikar

63) Desai. Chetna. Vishwasrao

64) Shri. Shripad. Shantappa. Khemalpure

65) D’Souza. Anita. Siuran

66) Ashwini. Shetty

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84) Deepa. Vilas. Bhangui

85) Prince. M. Naik

86) Gurunath. Vasudeo. Khanolkar

87) Smt. Saloni. Amit. Zarapkar

88) Shri. Sitaram. Shiva. Gawas

89) Shri. Sudhakar. Janardhan. Zarapkar

90) Mr. Pradeep. R. Bhandari

91) Maria. Lindia. Seema. Rodriguise

92) Shri. Dean. D’Couz

93) Shri. Sawant. Uday. Anant

94) Manisha. Ramdas. Lotlikar

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124) Shri. Manguexa. Sadananda. Suctancar

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127) Amay. Nagesh. Cascar

128) Shri. Uday. A. Sawant

129) Shri. Kamlakar. Dattatraya. Sadhale

130) Shri. Xavier. Socorro. Gonsalves

131) Shri. Bhupesh. Sagun. Wadji

132) Shri. Manjunath. K.T

133) Shri. Jayesh. Mohan. Dharwalkar

134) Shri. Vishnu. D. Amonkar

135) Sweta. Ramesh. Kamat

136) Shri. Nikhil. Prabhakar. Pai. Anglo

137) Shraddha. Upendra. Laad

138) Shri. Kanchan. Pramod. Desai

139) Kamlakar. Narahari. Hadkar

140) Dattaraj. Janardhan. Thaly

141) Shri. Alfred. M. Cotta

142) Shri. Ashley. Mascarenhas

143) Shri. Bryan. Da. Silva

144) Shri. Nicholas. Bryan. Joseph. Soares

145) Orty. Fiona. Mendonsa

146) Shri. Jose. S.A. Pedro. Monteiro

147) Shri. Anna. Janagonda. Patil

148) Shri. Ramesh. Laximona. Naik. Mandrekar

149) Shri. Ramesh. Laxman. Kanat

150) Shri. Prakash. Laxman. Kamat

151) Mr. Pranai. Prabhakar. Walke. Chodankar

152) Shri. Yugandaraj. V. Redkar

153) Shri. Prakash. Laxman. Kamat

154) Shri. Paresh. Sadanand. Padgaonkar

155) Shri. Vibhavari. Ashok. Shorodkar

156) Shri. Edgar. D. Afonso

157) Shri. Umesh. R. Prabhu. Gaonkar

158) Shri. Bascara. Vitola. Sinai. Vaglo. Alroy. Bhaskar. Wagle

159) Shri. Alvaro. Roy. Costa. Fernandes

160) Miss. Deepti. Sarvottam. Kamat

161) Shri. Vinay. Laxman. Kamat

162) Jyothi. R. Krishna

163) Shri. Ravindra. Laxman. Palyekar

164) Shri. Shailesh. P. Kenkare

165) Lt. Coi. A. S. Ravichandra. Reddy

166) Ms. Ujwala. Sentia

167) Shri. Amit. Manguesh. Suhktankar

168) Shri. Manguexa. Sadananda. Suctancar

169) Shri. Jeetendra. M. Gaonkar

170) Shri. Phaldesai. Vandesh. Gajanan   

171) Shri Suraj Ramakant Gaonkar – Engineer

172) Shri Rahul R.Deshpande – Engineer

173) Shri Sebastiao savio Falcao - -do-

174) Shri Cedric Anthony Vaz – do –

175) Shri Sajan Santosh Veluskar – Architect .

176) Shri Francisco 0swaldo Braganza e Melo – Engineer

177) Shri Pravin D.Shet – Engineer

178) Shri Sylvester Cyril D’Souza – do –

179) Shri Mehenoor Bi Shaikh - -do-

180) Shri Godfrey Simon Velho - -do-

182) Shri Chandan Kalidas Parab – Architect

183) Shri Shailesh Manohar Shenvi Borkar – Engineer

184) Shri Shankar N.J.Malkarnekar - do-

185) Ms. Anjala Vijay Ghate - -do-

186) Shri Suraj S.kakodkar – do-

187) Shri Arvind M.D’Souza – Architect

188) Shri Narayan Manohar Sardessai – Architect

189) Shri Rajan Pramod Desai – Engineer.

190) Shri paras Nath Singh – Engineer

191) Shri Dattaprasad Bhaskar Wagle – Architect

192) Smt. Vibha Dattaprasad Wagle – Architect

193) Smt. Deepti Dilip Kandolkar – Engineer

194) Smt. Angelina Monteiro – Engineer

195) Shri Jacinto Ernesto Xavier Coracao de Jesus Moniz – Engineer

196) Shri Karl Xavier Antonio Jose de Monte – Engineer

197) Shri Dinesh K.,Pai – Engineer

198) Shri Prakesh Kittur – Engineer

199) Smt. Trupti Bharne – Architect

200) Smt. Raya D.Kamat Shankhwalkar – Architect

201) Poonam Verma – Architect.