The Municipal Garden

This garden is surrounded with beautiful flowers and trees, giving you nice fresh air and a rest of peaceful mind. Lot of people especially in evening and early in morning do come here and spent their little from the hectic schedule to a little peace. Little kids along with their parents playing, even schools boys and girls during their spare time you’ll find playing them here with different kind of games. Outside this garden is surrounded by some buildings and hotels.

This place originally was known as Garcia da Orta Garden, was named in respect of 16th Century Physicians, who visited in Goa in the year 1534 as a private physician to Dom Martin Afonso de Souza Admiral of the Fleet.

In the middle of this garden is a monument honouring the first ever sea voyage from Europe to India depicting 400th anniversary, this foundation was laid by Vasco da Gamma on 17th May 1498.

The material from the Old Goa was brought to built the column and it was by the Convent of San Domingos, which are about twelve meters long, one time was placed higher with the bust of the great sailor. This is now replaced by India’s National Emblem, the Lion Capital of the Ashoka pillar at Sarnath.

To the garden’s southern end is a narrow square ‘Praca de Comercio’. Towards the end on the hillside, towers are Panjim’s main church.

Municipal Garden is something that you cannot afford to miss when you get in Panjim, not only because it is center of attraction of Panjim but is it also a refreshing place where you can get you breath back after wandering in Panjim.